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Home reading

Home reading is a classroom based borrowing scheme that provides each child with a suitably levelled text to read at home. It is an opportunity to practice and reinforce at home, what is being learnt in class and should be a positive reading experience for your child and yourself. It is also a chance for your child to experience success.

Your role in home reading:

  • to provide time (a 10 min positive reading experience is better than 30 mins of torture)
  • to provide 1 on 1
  • to help build routine
  • to provide encouragement
  • to make it enjoyable
  • to monitor reading behaviours and provide specific feedback to your child
  • to be a positive role model

How is the scheme structured?

  • Levelled texts in boxed sets in classrooms
  • Teacher listens to each child read, and then matches them with a suitably levelled text
  • Children take this book home to read and return it to school
  • Teachers keep Running Records to track progress
  • Children progress through levels at their own pace.

Cheat sheet for home reading  

What to say when….

When your child stops (passive)

  • Why have you stopped?
  • Put your finger under the tricky word, Can you make the first sound?
  • What word starts with …. and could go there and make sense?
  • Can the picture help you?

When your child appeals for help (says “I don’t know that word”)

  • What word could go there and make sense?
  • Did you check the picture for clues?
  • Can you make the first sound in the tricky word?
  • Do you know any other parts in that word?

When your child makes an error (and doesn’t notice)

  • Wait until the end of the sentence/page (they might notice and try do something about it)
  • “Did that make sense to you?”
  • “You said: ….. Can we say it like that?”
  • “You said:… Does that make sense?”

When your child makes an error and attempts to correct it

  • I love the way you noticed your own mistake and tried to fix it!
  • You noticed that it didn’t sound right or make sense and you went back to try and fix it up. Well done!
  • I like the way you went back, because a good reader finds their own mistakes and fixes them. Then they read the sentence smoothly.