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Transition to and from Yeo Park

Transitioning into Yeo Park

At Yeo Park Infants School we truly care about each child and family. We hold 3 formal transition to school sessions which include opportunities for children to see how we play, investigate and learn at Yeo Park. During this time we hold information sessions for the parents are carers, where they will also be given time to develop connections with other fmailies in the Yeo Park community.

We additionally offer 4 extra sessions for new students, known as Stepping Stones. As a new parent of carer, you may find Stepping Stones vital in ensuring your child feels safe and confident to come to "big school" the following year. A parent or carer attends these sessions with their child and experiences a range of learning opportunities such as music, science, investigations and other fun activities. 

Another warm and friendly activity we offer occurs in the last week of Term 4. Yeo Park staff, along with their friendly P&C will put on a bbq for all new and existing families of the Yeo Park community. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Transitioning out of Yeo Park

Transitioning out of Yeo Park is done with as much love and care as when they enter. Each child is fully supported as is each family. Individual schools are contacted by the principal and classroom teacher and information shared. Children go for transition to their new school as per that school's arrangements, while always feeling supported by Yeo Park. Parents often worry about this time but at our school we raise highly confident, independent, mature students who are capable of success in any environment – because that’s the way we’ve rasied them! Our students will have had experiences normally saved for Year 6 leaders in K-6 settings. At Yeo Park, our children are given responsibilities and opportunities to lead and succeed within their foundation years – well and truly preparing them for the opportunity to thrive in their new school.